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A few more holiday snaps.

21 Apr


Part 2: Ruth and Kenny in Shanghai.

17 Apr

Shanghai: 2 nights

What we did: walk, walk, walk. Again.

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Ruth and Kenny in China aka How to see as much of China in 10 days (Part 1).

16 Apr

Ruth and Kenny left on Friday afternoon after an action-packed 10 days with us in China. We did a lot. Walked A LOT. A relaxing holiday it was not, hehe, sorry!

The itinerary: Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and back to Ningbo. In ten days.

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How Not to Visit Suzhou (Part 2).

23 Mar

My last post might have left you thinking that I’m some headless chicken traveler, but I’m not really. I actually like to be quite organized and get a bit stressed out if not. But sometimes I throw all caution to the wind – I know, crazy – and then stuff like taking 8 hours to get to a city that’s just over 100km away happens. Other times, my laziness takes over. And I decide to leave my Lonely Planet at home. Continue reading