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Beijing Bicycle.

28 Apr

One thing I noticed in Beijing was the dire taxi situation. We had it all: no available taxis, taxis that would decide not to take you once they realised where you wanted to go, taxis that changed their meter reading, taxis that claimed their meters were “broken”… Continue reading


A few more holiday snaps.

21 Apr

Part 3: Ruth and Kenny in Beijing.

19 Apr

Beijing: 3 nights

What we did: on Sunday afternoon we took the 5hour bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing. I highly recommend the train: tickets were 500RMB per person (cheaper than airfares I found but I did only check last-minute) and if you include all the faffing about before and after flights, total travel time probably amounted to much the same. We arrived at our hotel quite late and the only thing we did was hunt for some dinner and book our tour to the Great Wall for the following day.

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