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How Not to Visit Suzhou (Part 2).

23 Mar

My last post might have left you thinking that I’m some headless chicken traveler, but I’m not really. I actually like to be quite organized and get a bit stressed out if not. But sometimes I throw all caution to the wind – I know, crazy – and then stuff like taking 8 hours to get to a city that’s just over 100km away happens. Other times, my laziness takes over. And I decide to leave my Lonely Planet at home. Continue reading


A Uni Ball, Chinese Style.

17 Jun

Two Fridays ago Dave and I went to a student ball and wow, what an eye-opener that was. I can’t really say that it was good but it was entertaining and ultimately I did enjoy myself. It’s the first time the students at University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC from now on) have organized something like this but given that it had already been called the Annual Masquerade Ball I reckon it was the first of many.

Because it was a work thing I initially wasn’t going to go but as a few other friends/colleagues were going, in the end, we decided to make a night of it. So we donned our glad-rags and headed to the Sofitel Hotel for a night to remember… or uhm, 2 ¾ hours to be more specific.

Continue reading