Part 2: Ruth and Kenny in Shanghai.

17 Apr

Shanghai: 2 nights

What we did: walk, walk, walk. Again.

We stayed in the French Concession very near to where Kat and Clif live (our home from home) and just walked around, brunched, coffeed, walked some more, window-shopped, walked.

I call this "Reflections on Pudong".

The Bund (and blue skies - OMG!)

We went to the Bund and said hi to Chen Yi, walked into Nanjing Road but because it wasn’t dark yet none of the thousand glaring neon signs were on, making Nanjing Road a bit unimpressive, so we took the subway to People’s Square where we ended up in Shanghai’s matchmaking scene.

We went into Old Town, browsed through fake antiques and then turned into adjacent alleyway neighbourhoods to show Ruth and Kenny something non-touristy.

Whilst wandering through a little delicatessen market, Ruth and Kenny were pulled aside to model some tea. Dave and I were in hysterics while a representative from the tea company showed them how to toss the tea and smile for the cameras (yes, plural!) without looking completely mortified at the same time!

China's Next Top Tea Model.

We shopped through Taikang Tiangzefang and had drinks at expat haunt Kommune: it was a late sunny afternoon and Prosecco came with tapas and how nice it was to just sit and not walk!

After hours of walking Prosecco brings on the smiles!

We also had late-night drinks at Captain’s Bar, the only place with a view of Pudong’s skyline that comes with normal prices. We also went to Mokkos new venue Jiaobar for some yummy Japanese sho-chu cocktails.


What we ate: Thai at the Teddy Bear Museum and Hospital in Taikang Tiangzefang because it’s a TEDDY BEAR MUSEM THAT SERVES THAI FOOD!!! We also had a bunch of Shanghai’s best western food (burgers, milkshakes, cupcakes, an American brunch) and a bunch of street food: fried dumplings, cotton candy, watermelon on a stick, fresh coconut juice, fried tofu with chilli sauce … I am currently obsessed with tofu. Saturday night we met up with Clif and a couple of other friends and had dinner at Sichuan Citizen. Ruth and Kenny were introduced to Sichuan Pepper/Prickly Ash, a little round spice that resembles a peppercorn and that adds a particular spicy numbness to food. However if you bite down on it, you will not feel your mouth for a good 5 minutes.

Shout out: Well done, Kenny, for trying jellyfish!

Everything tastes better with an umbrella in it.

Come back tomorrow for the Beijing leg of our trip!


2 Responses to “Part 2: Ruth and Kenny in Shanghai.”

  1. Edna April 18, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    Oh how I miss Shanghai! btw if you’re talking about the bronze statue on the Bund, that’s not Mao; it’s Chen Yi, the first Communist mayor of Shanghai.

    • miravakily April 18, 2012 at 9:49 am #

      Are you serious!?! Haha, no wonder it doesn’t look like him! I was told it was Mao the first time I visited Shanghai and have been passing that on to everyone I take there, whoops! Will rectify post immediately, thanks!

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