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I Heart the Internet.

25 Mar

One of the fun things I like to do with my blog every so often is to check out how you readers got here. Most of you will be email subscribers or are linking in through Facebook but every once in a while I’ll get a Googler, someone that’s put something into a search engine and then came across my blog. So imagine my surprise and subsequent intrigue when somebody in Norway had googled:


Ningbo + nude + sex + fun + outside


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Suzhou Part 3: Touristy Stuff.

23 Mar

After a failed attempt at getting drunk in Suzhou, we got up the next day and faced a similar problem when we tried to find a place that served a Western breakfast. Not going to bore you again with our disorganisation but we ended up in a really cute café slash bookshop with sunny outdoor seating, massive breakfasts and really good fresh juices.

After fuelling up we headed to the Suzhou Museum which I highly recommend. The collection ranges from ancient jade pieces, ceramics and textiles to contemporary art but the whole thing is small enough not to be too overwhelming. There’s good English captions and the museum building is pretty cool as well.

Obligatory Mao painting... with small child and teddy.

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How Not to Visit Suzhou (Part 2).

23 Mar

My last post might have left you thinking that I’m some headless chicken traveler, but I’m not really. I actually like to be quite organized and get a bit stressed out if not. But sometimes I throw all caution to the wind – I know, crazy – and then stuff like taking 8 hours to get to a city that’s just over 100km away happens. Other times, my laziness takes over. And I decide to leave my Lonely Planet at home. Continue reading

How not to travel to Suzhou (Part 1).

14 Mar

This post is long overdue but during the National Holiday on October (I know, long overdue) I went on a quick – very quick – trip to Suzhou, a town near Shanghai that is apparently known as the Venice of China. I have never been to Venice but I still think I can say that Suzhou is nothing like Venice. Yes, it has canals and bridges but no, Venice it is definitely not. Also, I have since then read about a whole bunch of other Chinese towns that claim to be the Venice of China.

Anyway, Dave as well as the rest of China had a week off (actually, if you work for a Chinese company, you don’t really get a holiday: you get time off but you have to make up the time later) but unfortunately Dave had a lot of work to catch up on so instead of going on a mini-vacation we decided to head up to Shanghai. Clif and Kat were away on our holiday and left us their beautiful apartment in the French Concession. While Dave buried himself in work I could explore Shanghai a bit more, which translates into eating lots of cheese and drinking wine in Shanghai’s many western-oriented bars and restaurants.

Damn Shanghai!

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