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Time Out – Beijing: Avoid culture clash with Jo Gan

20 Feb

Fun article by Jo Gan, author of the blog Life Behind the Wall about Sino-Laowai couples.

Avoid culture clash with Jo Gan – Feature – Time Out – Beijing.

(Jo is a Black American woman married to a younger Chinese man, living here in China, and I find her blog interesting as well as really entertaining.)



Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 Feb

I really wasn’t expecting to get anything for Valentines because Dave HATES this holiday – he thinks it doesn’t even deserve to be called a holiday and then he shouts something about consumerism, and I quip something along the lines of, “Yeah, and Hallmark! … and set-menus of mediocre food at red-decorated restaurants… yeah!” because I actually agree with him.

Sure, it’s nice to get cards and gifts, share a nice meal or do something else special for one another but you can/should do these things any other day of the year. Why all the hoo-ha on this one particular day? And what to get the other person? Is a Hallmark card enough? Dinner? Home-cooked dinner? Trip to Paris?

On the other hand, I do like “getting into things” and always silently hope he’ll get me something….and he always does!

And so, yesterday I found myself receiving the ultimate Chinese bouquet of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Making the papers.

8 Feb

Do you see him?

Do you?

Yup, down there, bottom left corner: Ningbo’s very own Dr. David Fleming! Local celebrity!

(If you get that zoom on that, you’ll see it’s him!)

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2 Feb

It’s been a while, I know, I know… but it’s not entirely my fault!! I even have a few finished posts that have been sitting idly since October, waiting to be published. And there have actually been a few noteworthy (and maybe a few not-so-noteworthy) adventures!! Like:

  1. My e-bike got stolen and I had my first dealings with the local police.
  2. During National Holiday week I went to Suzhou, the “Venice of China.”
  3. I had a couple of job offers and one horrific job interview.
  4. I went for a lovely “hike” near around a water reservation
  5. A pre-Christmas holiday and visa-run to Hong Kong
  6. Our days of Shanghai expat gluttony that was Christmas and NYE
  7. I bought a 5kg block of cheese.

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