The Ningbo Picture Post.

29 Apr

Not much text but just a few pictures from my walk around Ningbo today: the Ningbo Bund, Laowaitan (Foreigner’s Town), Ningbo Museam of Art and Moon Lake Park.

Apologies for most of the pictures being squint, I don’t know if it’s me or my shoddy camera. I’ve dropped a few too many times and the dispaly doesn’t work so I don’t really know what i’m taking pictures of and can’t check if the pictures are level or not.

Portuguese church

I started my walk at the Portuguese church in Laowaitan (Foreigner’s Town)and then went to the Ningbo Museum of Art to have a look at their various exhibitions.

Ningbo Museum of Art

I then walked through Zhongshan which has tranquil pathways and not so tranquil pathways… particularly near the section where different outdoor karaoke stations compete with eath other. The pagoda is one such karaoke spot attracting predominantly senior karaoke-ers whose senior audience like to listen from the rocks by the nearby lake.

A pagoda and a statue of Zhangeanshui in Zhongshan Park

Senior citizens chillin'

I then headed towards the Gulou area which apparently has an interesting night market. Though it wasn’t night yet, there were still some interesting little shops selling lots of junk.

Ningbo skyline, Drum Tower in Gulou, promenade along the river & Sanjian Market in Gulou

The drum tower is a semi-famous Ningbo sight.

Lastly I walked through Moon Lake Park which is absolutley gorgeous.


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